We are here to help!  We aim to help and support all women equally.  Whether you've been pro-life or pro-choice, we understand life takes us all down different roads.


Rowan's gift partners with local charities to help these women and children have a voice and a shoulder to lean on so they aren't alone.  Volunteer today!

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Life is precious at all stages.

About Rowan's Gift - who is rowan?

"Find your silver lining." 

Faced with thoughts of fear and judgment at just six weeks and six days into her pregnancy, Rowan's mom made the choice to have an abortion.  She didn't know how deeply this would affect her and how much darkness and loss she would feel.  She began to seek help and open up to others about what she was going through as she wondered if she would ever be happy or feel normal again. Finding help wasn't easy but thankfully, she was able to turn to a few places that opened their doors and welcomed her in.  As she began to work through the pain and guilt of what she had done, she named her unborn daughter, Rowan, and vowed Rowan's death would not be in vain. She vowed to become an advocate for all the scared and expecting women with nowhere to turn and to be the voice for the pain abortion and the loss of a child causes.  She also vowed to help moms after they make the choice to give birth as well as be a protector of unborn children and children needing help and resources at any age. In doing so, she began to realize how lost she had been and was able to see a renewed sense of light, hope, and purpose.  Her life was forever changed.  Rowan gave her life, to show her mother how to live hers.  This is Rowan's Gift.


Mission & VISION

You are not alone.  We are here to give others a second chance at life - to share Rowan's Gift.


From providing meals to hungry to children and toys on Christmas and birthdays; we also work to help with counseling, resources, and funding for pregnant or grief stricken women, new fathers, and more.  Rowan’s gift provides a chance at life for those who need act at a time.


"Sometimes, life throws something in your path you didn't expect.  Don't be mistaken, this is not without purpose." 

One-and-a-half pregnancies are unintended and four out of ten in the United States end in abortion.  Hundreds of women who have had abortions were sampled by the post-abortion researchers at the Elliot Institute for Social Science Research report the following statistics: • 90% suffer damage in their self-esteem • 50% begin or increase alcohol and drugs • 60% report suicidal ideation • 28% actually attempt suicide • 20% suffer full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder • 50% report some symptoms of PTSD • 52% felt pressured by others to have the abortion. Not many people talk about it but the pain is very real.  

We also know that it’s painful to raise a child alone or to be a child that feels lost or abandoned. Many women and children carry their pain in silence caused by the stigma and judgment of others.By supporting other like-minded charities, fundraising, and being a vocal advocate for those without a voice, Rowan’s Gift helps to give others a second chance at life.

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